Calcagro - Farming Calculator

Most popular farming calculator among farmers, agronomists, contractors. Calcagro is used among farmers all around the globe because of easy to use and fast precision answers. Farm calculator has these features: # Yield rate # Planting rate# Seeding rate# Weight loss on drying calculation (moisture) # Profit deduction calculation (after drying) We are planing to make additional farming calculator features: # Tank MIX (for mixing pesticides) # Spray Calculator# Sprayer Calibrator# Grass, pasture grazing calculator# NPK calculatorMore about current farm calculator functions: # Weight deduction calculation (counts profit according to delivered weight, waste and moisture values and cereal/grain price in the market) #Weight loss on drying calculation (helps determine, loss of weight while cereals will be dried to moisture level, needed to sell grains) #Seeding rate (helps to calculate amount (or weight) of seeds that are needed to fully complete seeding according to field and seeds germination) #Planting rate (helps to determine spacing between roots/seeds by space between rows and planting rate) #Yield rate (helps to calculate approximate yield for growing cultures like wheat, barley, seed rape, corn, soybean, rye) Other meanings: Grain Moisture, Seed Rate Conversion, Spray Volume Calculator, Yield Calculator, Fertiliser Conversion,
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