Machinist Sidekick Lite

Machinist Sidekick is a tool for machinist and engineers to handle a lot of the tedious day to day calculations in the shop. The user interface has been completely overhauled and is now greatly organized. The Full version includes much more functionality. Machinist have seemed to love this app thus far. It has real application to the job. The newest and best version of the app has been released. Version 15 (4.0) has been a great success. With the inclusion of swiping, tabs, references, and many more functions. The Full version is still most definitely the way too go. Thanks to all the machinist guys and gals that have given feedback on the app, it is greatly appreciated. Note: Version 15 is only available to platform 3.0 (API 11 and above) and above given the nature of the apps navigation. Thanks, Tom. Please Leave ratings and reviews so I can keep adding functions to this app. Upgrade to the full version of this app here for just 1.75 USD, Machinist Buddy FullFunctions included in the app: MillingRPMSFMFPTMetal Removal RateRPM with Carbide ToolRPM with HSS ToolIPM Milling FeedrateTurningRPMFPRIPMMetal Removal RateAdvance Per RevolutionRPM with Carbide ToolRPM with HSS ToolThreadingMilling Tapping FeedrateTap Drill SizePercent of Full ThreadBusinessNet Asset ValueCost CalculatorInterest Coverage RatioGeometryRadius of Arc LengthArea of ParallelogramVolume of CubeVolume of CylinderArea of TrapezoidArea of TriangleSurface Area of BallVolume of BallVolume of ConeUtilitiesSine Bar StackOblique Triangle CalculatorG and M CodesConversionsCartesian Bolt HoleMachinist Notepad.
Operating System Android