The HVAC Pro2Go APP is the first and only comprehensive kitchen table sales tool that exceeds needs and easily allows for distributor integration and customer management. Get ready for an easy-to-use and sophisticated business generation tool at your fingertips. Features. Fast and easy setup. A one-stop-shop proposal and selling tool that goes where you go-any time, any place. Accurate sizing with Manual J load calculators. Outputs AHRI Certified matched systems making building a proposal fool-proof. Local, state and federal incentives and rebates available for each proposal providing greater depth in the selling process. Financing options are build in to give the homeowner the whole picture. Professional process and proposal outputs provide a better experience for the potential clients. Report sales patterns and opportunities. Pricing can be preloaded. Promotions can be created and pushed through the app. Upload/add supplies & accessories to accompany the sale. Measure and track sales in real-time for forecasting and product restock planning.
Operating System Android