PMP Mobile Suite RM

Languages: French, English, Portuguese and SpanishPMP Mobile Suite - Requirements Management (PMPMSRM) is the first of the applications that are PMP Mobile Suite. It is designed to assist in the tasks related to requirements management (collection, monitoring, documentation generation,) and is fully based on the PMI methodology reflected in the PMBOK standards. PMPMSRM is developed by project managers and for project managers. Incorporates the following features: Project oriented structure and typologies: The requirements are grouped by projects and are structured by typologies hierarchies, allowing the creation of multiple projects and building isolated requirements. Flexibility and adaptability: All applications in PMPMS enable the creation of structures fully adaptable to user needs. Specifically, PMPMSRM allows the creation of typologies of requirements and fields that each requirement uses to store information. PMPMSRM incorporates a wide range of fields and typologies used by default in the projects analyzed during development and are available to the user for use. Ecosystem data and functionality: The PMPMS Suite incorporates a data integration engine and functionality integration engine in all applications. This means that your projects and your data will be accessible to all applications that form the suite, making it possible to integrate their functions to work together. Generation of documentation: Each application in the suite generates project documentation with the information on their specialty, so PMPMSRM generates requirements documentation and requirements traceability matrix in order to incorporate them into the official documentation project. Using Excel format ensures the re- using of the documents generated by the user. Export and import of projects: do you have installed on multiple devices PMPMSRM? No matter, you can keep all devices synchronized thanks to the export and import function of all project information and requirements. Import requirements: You can import requirements from an excel file. Enter data in an application never was so easy. PMPMSRM includes a comprehensive user manual, a manual of good practices in managing requirements and effective on screen help. PMPMSRM is designed for active projects managers who want to keep under control the requirement. s life cycle. PMPMSRM NEED MINIMUM VERSION OF ANDROID 3.0 (HONEYCOMB, API LEVEL 11) TO WORK PROPERLY.
Operating System Android