Door Survey - Locksmith Apps

Now takes and sends info for up to 8 doors. Door Survey takes all the information you can provide about a customer's door and applies it in a neat and organized fashion to a new Email via your phone's default email app. The app asks for information such as your client's name, address, door location on building (for quick locating), the door type (Com or Res), the hardware brand, type, and model information, optional or add-on features, and an input field for additional notes and comments regarding that door. The app then places all this information and then some into a new email with the subject set to the address and location of the door at that address so you can quickly pull it up for review from you email account or print it and delete it when you get back to the shop so you can store it in your physical records. Track all your results on your preferred spread sheet program to spot hardware trends in your market. You can even have your customer download the app and send more accurate information to you to better prepare for your assignment or quote. There can be a lot of information needed when calling a locksmith, this app gives your customers an easy to follow questionnaire to get you the most information possible without forgetting the details when calling to relay the information over the phone. If you like our apps please click an ad. Every ad click helps support our efforts and keeps our apps free for locksmiths to use. We don't just make apps for Locksmiths, we work alongside Locksmiths to find out what they need in an app.
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