Auto Receipt - Locksmith Apps

Great for Automotive Locksmiths. The App is very simple, It takes the information you need on a vehicle lockout call and pushes it into a neatly compiled email ready for you to put in the email address of your customer and hit send. Use your phone's email app to attach a photo of your entry point for liability purposes. Provides a quick and easy receipt for your customer and your own records as well. Tired of picking car doors into the locked position? Save information like the picking direction for the vehicle you just opened to recall for later use next time you come across that model. NEW. Don't want to display irrelevant information to your customers? Check the customer copy checkbox above the send button to hide irrelevant information to the customer's receipt. Once you've sent the customer's copy simply go back to the app, un-check the box and hit send to get your own copy with all the information you provided the app. If you like our apps please click an ad. Every ad click helps support our efforts and keeps our apps free for locksmiths to use. We don't just make apps for Locksmiths, we work alongside Locksmiths to find out what they need in an app.
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