Reading Tracker+

Track your reading stats. Straight from your phone. Reading Tracker+ bonus features: Editable Daily Reading Record (a time which readers should reach as often as possible) - Daily stats (including: Minutes Left to/over Daily Reading Target, Pages Read & Minutes Read) - Achievements (setting the uncompleted as your targets). TARGETED FOR: People who wish to get live reading stats straight from their mobile device whilst reading a book, or ebook. People who feel like they need to be encouraged to read more. Any person who wants to have proof of how far they have read through a book, and how many pages they have read. HOW TO USE "Reading Tracker" IN 5 EASY STEPS: 1. Enter the book name. 2. Enter the total amount of pages in the book. 3. Start the timer and simultaneously start reading. 4. Stop the timer and also stop reading. 5. Enter the current page reached and hit "Submit". RESULT: A list of useful reading statistics which help encourage you to read more than ever before. A happy reader.
Operating System Android