HP WorkWise is office intelligence rolled into one smartphone app providing PC security, real-time PC performance updates, and automatic printer driver installation.--Please make sure you have HP WorkWise installed on your PC--Tamper AlertsGet rid of the stress and anxiety of not knowing what is happening to your PC while you are away from your desk. Using the WorkWise tamper detection feature, you'll receive real-time updates of tamper events, such as:- Failed sign-in attempts- Lid open/close events- Movements of your PC- Disconnected power AC Adapter- USB plugged in/out- HP Sure Start events- Connected/disconnected networkLock & Unlock Your PCLock and unlock your PC with the swipe of a finger directly from your smart phone. Walk up to your PC, open the HP WorkWise app and unlock your PC. It's that simple! Need to leave your PC? Just swipe right.Performance DashboardKnow what is happening with your computer in real-time. Whenever you are away from your PC and in Bluetooth range (33 feet), you can take the required actions to improve PC performance and efficiency. All you need to do is to view the WorkWise PC dashboard feature on your mobile device and you will receive a summary of your PC's status. These real-time notifications show:- Battery charge level- PC temperature- Memory usage- PC detailsPC temperature can increase when the computer is not properly shutdown and is placed in a protective bag at the end of the working day. When your PC is not shutdown properly, you will receive real-time notification on your phone and will be able to put your PC to sleep or hibernate.Printer Driver InstallationMoving to a new location and trying to set up a printer can be difficult. Using the WorkWise print feature, this problem is solved. Simply scan a designated QR code identifier on the desired HP printer and that printer's drivers will be installed and configured seamlessly without you manually entering any printer information.HP WorkWise smartphone app can help you improve PC security, provide real-time PC updates, and easily download printer drivers.
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