Alma Mobile

Take Alma into the library stacks instead of bringing the library stacks to your desk. The Alma Mobile app allows you to access task lists and perform fulfillment activities while away from the library service desk. Using Alma on your mobile device reduces paper lists and increases your productivity by allowing you to roam throughout the library with Alma at your side. Alma Mobile includes the following features: Review the Pick from Shelf list for one or more library locations. Filter the list by request date, location, call number, or destination. Scan items to see where they need to go. Track usage of items left on library tables and shelves. Barcode scanning via the device's built-in camera as well as portable wireless barcode scannersYou will need your system's URL and your user login to access your library system via Alma Mobile. Built on Ex Libris' Alma library services platform, Alma Mobile is targeted for use by public and technical services staff in academic and research library environments. Alma Mobile works alongside the Alma desktop app, which continues to provide functionality for traditional library operations. EULA: https://knowledge.
Operating System Android