GSTrackMe Mobile - Admin

GSTM Admin helps you to keep control of the user in an easy and practical way regulating the tracking times of your devices. App features: + Register as a company or personal use. + Recover your password in any moment. + Add, update and delete devices. + Regulates the time of transmission of your devices. + Login into the GSTrackMe Website. The GSTrackMe - Mobile Tracking app has a security platform that allows you to validate every device you add, this way you can be sure that you had added the right device. Our app allows you to log in into the GSTrackMe system, with this you will have all the benefits and features, such as: + Real Time Tracking and street view + 4 hours quick history + History and multi car history up to 31 days. + Add Points of Interest, Geofences, Statistics, Graphics and a complete managing of your devices.
Operating System Android