Flight Computer

The application provides all the conversions and flight functions required by pilots. The functions are similar to those that are manually done with a CX-2 or E6-B flight computer. All features can easily be access from a simple and intuitive navigation system. The list of features include: List of featuresBasic calculatorConversions. Length. Volume. Weight. Speed. Temperature. Pressure. Angle. TimeFlight calculations. Altitude. Pressure altitude. Density altitude. Standard atmosphere. Cloud base. Airspeed. Plan true airspeed. Actual true airspeed. Required rectified airspeed. Plan mach. Fuel. Fuel used. Usage rate. Endurance. Planning leg. Heading / groundspeed. Compass heading. Leg time. ETA. From / to. Actual leg. Distance flown. Groundspeed. Unknown wind. Crosswind. Track / groundspeed. Glide. Glide distance. Glide descent. Glide ratio. Time. UTC and local time clocks. Count up timer. Count down timer.
Operating System Android