The fastest QR code scanner, bar none. If you need proof, go download Optiscan QR Speed Test for Free first. https://play. google.com/store/apps/details? id=uk. co. airsource. android. kiji. optiscan. speedtestSCANWe're not one of those other apps just using a standard processing library - we wrote our own too. This means faster detection and scanning of codes, even in difficult environments. CREATEEasily and quickly create QR codes for: Contacts, Emails, URLs, Plain Text, Locations, Phone numbers, SMS, Events, and Wifi details. USEMore than a scanner. Use all the QR codes you scan right from the app - open websites, add contacts, connect to wifi networks (Compatible with Virgin Media router QR codes) and much more. REVIEWS ''Overall, Optiscan is a really nice QR Code reader. It's a full-featured app that should satisfy most users. '' Don Reisinger, CNet ''The best QR Code scanner. it understands all the new trickier encoding types and has definitely kept up with development in QR code technology. '' Jeff Texeira, Hagadone "Crunchy. "''Recognises the QR correctly. your application is without fault - like a Kalashnikov. Thanks. "''By far the best out there. No hassles, no fuss. Simple to use. "The ONLY paid for QR app recommended by The Times (London) newspaper. FULL FEATURES. Scan almost any QR code fast and share the content quickly. Save specific QR codes for quick sharing - perfect for sharing your business card. Android Wear compatible - send QR codes straight to your watch for easier scanning. Keep a history of QR codes created and scanned for easy recall. Select only the contact details you want to send, so the right people get the right information. Found a QR code on the web? You don't need two devices. Save the image to the photo gallery from your browser - and Optiscan will decode them for you. Optiscan runs without a network connection, and keeps your data private. Why put up with anything less? We want your feedback. We're always working on the next update to keep you happy and always look to include the most popular new features as requested by you. Why do we need all those permissions? We need to take pictures and videos in order to scan codes. We need flashlight control to help you scan QR codes in very dark environments. We need the ability to use your network to take you to URLs from scanned QR codes using our internal browser. We need your location if you want to create a QR code for your current location. We need permission to directly call phone numbers as some QR codes contain phone numbers that you can optionally dial from within Optiscan. We don't make phone calls without your permission. We need permission to send SMS messages as some QR codes contain SMS information that you can optionally send from within Optiscan. We don't send text messages without your permission. We need access to your contacts if you scan a QR code that contains contact information. If that contact information is identical to a contact that already exists, we may need to modify that contact. We need access to your Wi-Fi settings as some QR codes contain Wi-Fi access point login information and we can use that to connect you directly to the access point.
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