CaptureSoft eXpress

Barcoding, Inc. is the exclusive provider of eXpress Android, a rapid development tool that enables you to design flexible, web-based applications for automated data capture without any programming knowledge or experience. From Attendance and Package Tracking applications to Inventory Management to Proof of Delivery, eXpress Android enables our customers to reap the benefits of data capture as quickly as possible. With its intuitive step-by-step interface, applications can be easily designed, hosted in the cloud or in-house, and published to a wide variety of Android-Powered mobile devices, to include the Zebra TC70, TC75, TC55, and MC40 as well as Honeywell's Dolphin 75e and CT50. Gathered data is then transmitted to the eXpress server via Wi-Fi or batch mode. eXpress Android offers secured user validation, integrated database reporting, and the ability to easily retrieve and store data. If, however, you require an application unique to your business needs, Barcoding can build a custom solution that will make you more efficient, accurate, and connected. Regardless of the industry or the requirements, with this premier software solution, the possibilities for data capture are endless.
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