KnowledgeBase Builder

With the InfoRapid KnowledgeBase Builder, you can create mind maps and flowcharts of almost unlimited size, which are displayed partially by the program. This allows you to organize all your ideas and knowledge in a browsable cross-linked chart and memorize them by the help of the flashcards method. You can even create complex process charts and decision trees just as well. The layout is recalculated automatically for each view. You have the choice between a mind map and a flowchart layout and a table view, where items can be rearranged by drag and drop. Clicking on an item brings it to the center of the diagram and as such allows you to navigate from view to view. You can also do a full text search for item names and jump directly to the item you have found. One highlight of the program is the Wikipedia and Twitter import, where all articles and tweets referring to a selected topic are automatically transferred into the diagram. The data is stored in a local database file, which has the same format on all supported devices, so that you can edit your database alternately on Android or on Windows. Your data can be exported as a formatted HTML text document with a table of contents, the mathematical formulas and the images. Other highlights are the powerful text analysis function, which allows you to automatically create mind maps by marking text passages in a document, and the assignment of categories to items and relations. Images can be attached to each item and displayed in an image preview. You can also display small iconic images next to each item. The program can do much more, just give it a try. Save your knowledge and ideas in a knowledge database and display them as mind map- Create complex flowcharts, decision trees and process charts- Connect any items by labeled lines- For text analysis, mark text locations in order to take them over as new items into the diagram- Mind Map and Flowchart layout- HTML text notes for items- 3D view- Enter description text for items and relations and display it as tooltip- Navigate in the diagram by tapping on an item or doing a full text search for the item name- Create new items and connection lines by drag and drop- Export the diagram as a bitmap or as a formatted html text document- Import CSV data into the diagram- Attach images to items and display them in an image preview- Insert iconic images directly into items- Table view where items can be rearranged by drag and drop.
Operating System Android