palmDraft Electronics CAD

Simple electronic-schematic drawing application for Android. You can try the palmDraft (lite) free version which is also available at the Google Play market before you purchase this full version. Originally designed for palm (tm) OS PDAs back in 2002, palmDraft is now available for the Android platform so you can easily design your own professional-looking electronic schematic diagrams on your Android tablet or phone. This is a simple bitmap-based drawing application, featuring a high definition, flick-panning, pinch-zoom-able working canvas optimized for finger and pen drawing. It's as easy to manipulate as a sheet of paper. The schematics file format is standard. PNG bitmap file format which can be easily exported and shared for printing. HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS: Designed for high-density screen devices, tablet or large screen device recommended for best experience. For older devices with low screen densities (which have lower heap size), if you get low-memory warnings, please disable dark-background in prefs screen and work with SMALL or MEDIUM sized schematics (minimum 32MB of heap). Basic Features: Schematics in SMALL: 720x480, MEDIUM: 1080x720 and LARGE: 1920x1080 sizes. Free pinch-zooming and panning of the canvas on all editing modes. Grid snapping for easy and accurate finger operation. Schematics are saved and edited in standard. PNG format. Copy, delete, move, flip and rotate blocks, text and objects. Block Export and Import. Built-in basic electronic, electric, network, analog and digital symbols. Import custom made symbols and I. C. s. Landscape and portrait modes. Export schematics to camera roll (gallery). Share schematics (Gmail, etc. ). Working canvas available in dark or light theme (Prefs). If you experience problems with the application please make sure that the "Don't keep activities" setting in the "Settings-Developer options" of your phone settings is unchecked (disabled). Please contact me by email for support, cannot help through GooglePlay reviews.
Operating System Android