QR Scanner

Do you need to search for product information on your hands? Just one click we will help you find the information for you by QR Scanner application. Do you need download somethings with QR Code link that you don't have time or difficult input the long URL? You become easy when use QR Scanner. You afraid that you will forget what you scanned? Don't worry we supported the history page for you. You can remind what you did. And one more thing, You may something need scan from your photos. We can do it by QR Scanner? That's right. That is my introduction to you. Scan very fast on many material design. Scan QR Code, Bar Code. And many functions will coming soon. Let try to use QR Scanner application from today and feel it can help you in your work very much. Don't forget rating & review or feedback for us can improve in future. Thank you very much.
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