Fade In Mobile is a complete screenplay editor for Fade In Professional Screenwriting Software (. fadein) files. It is specifically designed to work with the unique interface and capabilities of your mobile device. It takes care of proper script formatting, including standard script styles, and provides tools for quickly selecting character and location names, as well as for efficiently navigating your script. Use your Dropbox account to access your work on the go and sync your writing seamlessly with your computer. Use the full or demo desktop version of Fade In Professional Screenwriting Software to easily import screenplays from any number of formats, including PDF and Final Draft into this full version of Fade In Mobile. Follow @fadeinsoftware on Twitter and Fade In Professional Screenwriting Software on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/fadeinpro) for updates. Like using Fade In Mobile? Please think about rating it here on Google Play. Thank you.
Operating System Android