Pimlical Calendar Widget

Pimlical Calendar Widget is an advanced calendar widget which reads both the standard Android Calendar as well as the Pimlical Local Calendar. The Widget is resizable and can display up to 20 upcoming events, floating events and tasks. Features include: 1. Display of free time to next event2. Time to next upcoming alarm3. Includes Custom Icons, font styles from Pimlical Calendar4. Variable update intervals from 1m to 24hr5. Background adjustable for transparency with White or Black type6. Typesize of display is adjustable7. Launch icons for Calendar, Contacts, Memos and creating a new event8. With Pimlical/Android there is complete control over display using customizable filter and preferences. IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUE in upgrading the widget, please first do a completely CLEAN Install: 1. Uninstall (don't just remove) the widget. 2. Reboot your phone3. Reinstall widgetIt appears that some Android devices fail to properly terminate background services when upgrading a widget and so the OLD service might be left running with the new widget which of course will cause bizarre things to happen. On-line help available from Settings dialog (which can also be invoked at any time). Best of all, all the profits go to the benefit of Wildlife Conservation (see www.dewarwildlife. org).
Operating System Android