Incident is a one stop recorder for any type of situation. Incident allows users to quickly take pictures, record audio, and type or dictate notes relating to an incident. Incident automatically time and date stamps each input, and also creates a small map indicating the location of where the incident took place. Incident automatically creates an easy to view and read report which is available from the web, downloaded as a PDF, or viewed upon the users device. Incident is an important part of any company's risk management program as it allows employees to document any incident such as a slip and fall or other potentially libelous event. Incident is the ''civilian'' version of ''The Cop App'' which has been a hugely successful app in EJM DIGITAL'S app portfolio. The Cop App is currently being used by law enforcement officers in over 25 countries. Both TheCopApp and INCIDENT are designed and made by active members of law enforcement ensuring your personal information is always protected and secured.
Operating System Android