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Logrr helps to: Identify and categorize work related phone calls; Annotate work related calls with free form text so as you can assign a client number or work expense category; Easily report on work related calls to assist in employee expense claims; Accurately invoice clients for calls/time on the phone. Logrr has been specifically developed for people working for a company that has to account for billable time on a client by client basis, and for those working for a Company with a Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) policy where the employee needs to submit expense claims for work related calls. The application will improve workplace efficiency by recording and reporting on work related calls, and allows unique annotation that can be customized to fit your Companies business process. The type of information retained by Logrr also helps employees claim call expenses for tax deductions (if such allowance is applicable in the person's country of residence). Logrr has been designed to not only assist employees and Companies with a Bring Your Own Phone Policy, but also for consultants or lawyers who are required to accurately account for their time spent on clients calls. Logrr prompts the user to identify the previous call as work related, and if so,records call information as user completes their calls, the user can then (optionally) add additional information such as client name, client number, project number and brief notes to each call record. Logrr also allows users to set "call units" for the benefit of those who invoice their clients in blocks of minutes e.g. lawyers. For example if a lawyer invoice their clients in blocks of 6 minutes, they have the ability to set the "call unit" in Logrr to be 6 minutes, and when they spend 10 minutes on the phone with a client, that call will be logged as 2 units of calls or 10 minutes (both figures will be available in the log) to allow for simplified billing. Call records are kept for 92 days' period, this means that Logrr does not use up too much internal memory on your phone. Recording calls in Logrr ensures that only those calls you wish to keep record of are kept, instead of the monthly bill received from the telecommunication provider which lists ALL calls. Having Logrr installed means user no longer have to sift, sort or go through their monthly bill form their telecommunication provider in order to lodge an expense claim or justify time spent on phone with each of their clients.
Price USD 0.99
License Purchase
Version 1.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements Android 2.3 and up