Dynamic Work Sampling PRO

Dynamic Work Sampling PRO is an application designed to implement work sampling in practice. It contains all the elements to perform the work sampling method with the mobile phone as you would perform it in industry or administration. Main features: 1. Adding multiple (unlimited) audits for different companies and different divisions. 2. Adding (unlimited) objects of individual audits. 3. Adding (unlimited) activities of the objects. 4. Defining activities according to added value and labor deployment. 5. Editing all parts of the audit. 6. Calculation of standard time based on observation. 7. Dynamic calculation of the number of measurements required for each object and activity of audit based on selected parameters of Z-Value (2. 3 to 98. 128%), and the chosen measurement error (eg, ± 2%). 8. After exceeding the calculated number of the object measurement, resulting measurement error is being changed dynamically. 9. The dynamic calculation of the percentage of each activity of observed object. 10. Dynamic calculation of error (tolerance) of the percentage of the object's activities. 11. The default values of Z- Value and E-Value chosen by the accuracy of the calculation. 12. The ability to change parameters of measurement and ability to add objects and activities during the measurements. 13. Creating a calendar of events based on daily number of measurements in random sequence. 14. The automatic scrolling to the next object of observation after entering the activities of the previous object. 15. Export of. csv file with the values of all measurements and all audits for creating professional reports with spreadsheets. 16. Export of the entire database to backup measurement or evaluation of other contexts. 17. The number of occurrences of the activity on the object throughout every day of the measurement.
Operating System Android