zDuctulator is a simple to use utility designed for engineers, sheet metal workers, HVAC professionals, and students. Quickly size duct. Automatically sizes duct branches. and mains from a list of CFM. values. Easily review duct properties (CFM, FPM, SP, & Aspect Ratio) zDuctulator includes: A fully functional ductulator for sizing. and designing HVAC systems. A reference table for low pressure and medium pressure duct sizes. A CFM counter to size duct mains and branches. An easy to use hyperlinked help file1. 0 DuctulatorThe ductulator can be used to easily find either the equivalent diameter or the equivalent rectangular sizes of duct. As the size updates, the velocity (FPM), the volume (CFM), and the friction loss (SP) will also update automatically. 1. 1 Equivalent DiametersTo find the equivalent diameter, enter the Width and Depth dimensions of the rectangular duct. The Diameter will updateautomatically. 1. 2 Rectangular EquivalentTo find the rectangular equivalent, entereither the Width or Depth dimensions first, then enter the Diameter. If you enter he Depth first then the Diameter, the Width will update. If you enter the Width first then the Diameter, the Depth will update. 1. 3 Lock ButtonsThe lock buttons allow you to lock either the CFM value or the FPM value when sizing duct. For example if you are sizing duct based on a certain velocity, you can lock the FPM value to get more accurate information about the duct size. If you are sizing duct to a specific volume, you can lock the CFM value instead. 1. 4 Aspect RatiosThe Ratio below the FPM indicates the aspect ratio of the current rectangular duct size. If the aspect ratio exceeds 3: 1, the Ratio text as well as the Width and Depth size text will display red as a warning to review and revise the rectangular size if possible. 2. 0 CFM CounterThe CFM counter is a tool to quickly total CFM for diffusers and get the correct branch and main sizes to design the system. 2. 1 Set Friction LossTo begin using the CFM counters, set the friction loss (SP) at the top of the screen. 0. 08 Is used as the default value. 2. 2 Enter CFMEnter the CFM for each diffuser, air device, or terminal, and the Diameters for the branches will be automatically calculated. The CFM for the system will also be totaled and the Main Duct size will be calculated in the row above the first branch CFM. 2. 3 Reset All ValuesClick the RESET button to reset all values to 0. The RESET button is at the top right of the CFM+ screen. 3. 0 Size TableThe Size Table is a quick reference of low pressure and medium pressure duct sizes and properties. 4. 0 Value RangesFor speed and simplicity, there are value ranges for each data type that can be freely entered. 4. 1 Size Value RangesWidth Min: 1 Max: 500Depth Min: 1 Max: 500Diameter Min: 1 Max: 2404. 2 Setting Value RangesCFM Min: 1 Max: 19573255FPM Min: 1 Max: 12000GlossaryDuctulator - A Ductalator is an engineeringtool used by Sheetmetal workers, mechanicalengineers, and HVAC professionals to sizerectangular duct, size round duct, find CFM, find FPM, & find friction loss. Typicallyductalaters are printed dial calculatorslike the ''Trane Ductulator'' or the ''Cook DuctDesigner''. Ductulators are also known as Duct Size Calculators, HVAC Tools, Duct Designers, Duct Size Finder, CFM Finders.
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