Adeton is a simple Android app used to create an elegant site for your business using just your smartphone. Its easy to manage your site without any troubles and interact with your customers in a new way. You can also browse the sites of other shops with amazing speed in less than a second. FEATURES: Create and manage elegant sites: Adeton provides you with a homepage, catalog page, gallery page and blog out-of-the-box when you create a site. Managing sites have been made easier and faster. No need for engineers. Browse sites with amazing speed: Loading sites take less than a second literally. No more waiting to see what a shop has for you. Bookmarking: To receive notifications of what a shop manage has introduced into his business, follow/bookmark the shop. Cart: In the case that you like a product, add them to a nice cart. Recommends: This is also popularly known as liking. Recommend/like products or photos or blog posts with just a tap. Your customers get notified when you post anything to your site.
Operating System Android