Vibify - Vibration Smart Alert

Vibify. Get your notifications with style. Now with Dark UI. Vibify aims to inform you for any pending notifications on your phone. To do that, Vibify does a very small vibration alert when you pick up your phone. Vibify works only if your phone remains locked and still, saving up as much battery as possible and without affecting the phone's performance. Select the applications you want to be supported by Vibify and enjoy. A similar feature is available on some Samsung devices called ''Smart Alert'', but Vibify offers you even more options and customization. Unique on Google Play. For sale. Only 1 Euro for a limited time. Thank you for your support. Featured in: XDA Portal - http://bit. ly/1r2GnoSLifehacker - http://bit. ly/1mfaCCRAndroidHeadlines - http://bit. ly/W8hn3W, http://bit. ly/1JVYRxyAddictive Tips - http://bit. ly/1rePbcRPhandroid - http://bit. ly/1rp0nkQFEATURES- Stunning UI- Extremly easy to use and to SetUp- Optimized battery consumption. The app consumes battery (using wakelock) only if screen-off + Still for more than specified time- Off on low battery option- Option to turn screen on upon vibration- Select how many times you want to be notified- Option to disable based on proximity sensor (Pocket Mode) - No special kernel/root and such stuff needed- Option to add any installed app to the supported list (+) - Long press an app to remove it from the list- Global settings button when you open the navigation drawer (top right) - New options: Sleep Time, Vibration duration, Still time threshold, Sleep duration. TRANSLATIONS NEEDEDHelp with the translations of the app: https://crowdin. net/project/vibify/inviteLIKE US & GIVE US YOUR COMMENTS/FEEDBACK php? t=2768875CONTRIBUTORS - SPECIAL THANKS@ric: The creator of the logos@PuR3v1L: Coding Team: Localization SiteTags: Vibration, Smart Alert, Notifications, pick up.
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