BlockIT - Call Blocker

BlockIT is one of the most effective apps to prevent unwanted calls. No more unwanted calls. BlockIT allows you to Block all unwanted calls. BlockIT is the most effective call-blocking app. Easily block anyone from calling you. An ultimate app for the people who are tired of attending repeating unnecessary calls. Just one click and you can block the person whom you do not want to talk to. BlockIT allows you to Block all unwanted calls and calls that invade your Privacy. Just by adding the number in the list of Black List, all calls by that number will be blocked. Key Features: Headless app. Excellent privacy protection. NO Banners in app. Password protection in app: you can add request Password on starting app and protect your black list with password. Block unwanted and spam calls. Block numbers not in your Contacts List. Personal Blacklist. Add any phone number. Block private & unknown callers. Backup e restore. Easy add from your Contacts List, History Calls and Custom add. Notification: you can choose to received a notification when BlockIT block unwanted phone call.
Operating System Android