Gem Box-Notice the time taken

It does not come out quite Gem box of Clash of Clans. It's an auxiliary tool for the recovery of Gem box of Clash of Clans efficiently. After app updates, Because you may have to re-setting of the notification is required, I wish to restart the terminal control. [Story]Gem Box. Lucky item it is, that appear irregularly in Clash of Clans. But, however, the Gem box, does not come out easily. This Gem box, take after 48 hours, there is a rumor that emergence is faster. Was experiment, appeared in the shortest to the next day. At the latest Gem box appeared in about one week. Become cumbersome to write a Gem Box to the calendar, This app was born. [Function]When Gem box came out, and press the button of the setting, If you leave the set, You will be notified by the notification of the time taken by the Gem box. ListAppearance date and time: To display the date and time you set the notification. Date and time to take: It displays the time taken by setting the notification date and time after 48 hours. Period of up to appearance: It shows the period of notification settings from the last time. [Button Description]. In the vertical of state, I'll explain the buttons on the top from left to right. Advertising: It will display the ad. In the vertical state, it describes the button below from left to right. Bebeit: a link to the developer page. Setting: You can do the registration of notification. In addition, when you have a notification settings, you can cancel and press this button. Close: To exit the app. If you have, such as there is a hope and trouble to add this kind of functionality, I hope you are able to write or e-mail (t. to the review. It will be the corresponding in the range that can be, but I want to improve. [twitter]@_bebeit (
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