Beakr Schools

Beakr is a mobile application hub for schools to publish important information to their students and teachers in the most effective and most efficient way possible: the mobile app. All you have to do is create an account, select your school, and enter your school password, and you are ready to go. We have support for a number of modules, all of which can be mixed and matched to suit your school, and accessed via the mobile app. All of this is completely free to use, forever. FEATURES: RSS Pages and Text Pages: plain content pages that display content that changes daily, monthly, or at another given time. They give you quick access to daily bulletins, lunch menus, and more. Feeds: a feed of posts created by administrators to notify you about upcoming events, quick changes to policies and communications, and information tid-bits. Athletics: want to keep up with the big game but couldn't go? The athletics module lets you be there, in the moment, with live score updates right in the app. All you have to do is select the game you want to see, and you're instantly caught up to speed. Push Notifications: get notifications on your device to be immediately alerted of news and emergencies on campus. Workouts: Keep up with how many workouts you have for the season across all of your sports. Sign in with just your email and password, and keep track of your goals on your device. Mobile Orders: Order food from your school's snack bar with just a tap. Just like that, your food is ready to go. User accounts sync all of your data across all of your devices, live. No more updating stuff on each of your gadgets by themselves. Beautiful, easy to use design makes getting everything that matters that much less of a hassle. Other cool stuff: iPad support. Based on the Ionic Framework. Online support around the clock. Ad-supported depending on your school's planFor more information about Beakr, check out http://www.beakr. co. Also follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @beakrco. Privacy questions? Check out our privacy policy: http://www.beakr. co/privacy.
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