BabySittingCoop(.com) is a easy to use hassle free tool where friends can manage and schedule inhouse sits for each others kids. You can either start new group for your friends and invite them or ask to be invited to an existing group. Its safe, secure and gives 100% peace of mind as your friends are your babysitters. Did you know? We are the ORIGINAL creators of the babysitting co-op concept over 20 years agoSome key benefits: Earn points for sitting others kids. More points = free time. its game on. Do sits only when it fits in your schedule - NO expectation/commitment to sit for friends unless you want to - AUTOMATIC points distribution - no more calulators. Your kids get to play with other kids. Great way to join a trusted network if you are new in town - Your group is private - new members only by invite - MUCH cheaper than babysitters - NO ADS - One month absolutely free trial with no upfront payment - Many more features not listed. Please visit or website for more infoNOTE: We do not offer anonymous babysitting services - YOU are the service, to your circle of friends. After one month Free Trial you can decide to continue as a yearly paying member at only $30 / yearHow do I start? 1. Create Co-op Club (in the signup process) 2. Invite friends (minimum 1 friend needed) 3. Send out a sit request (date / start/end time) 4. Once the sit has completed the points will be exchanged via the ''settle'' button in the dashboard AUTOMATICALLYEarn points when you sit for a friend, transfer points to a sitter when you want Time-Out for yourself. It's always a fair trade. That's why it works. Points give friends a reason to WANT to sit for you. Time out is about dropping off the kids at a friend's home for a few hours--It is not about full time on-site childcare. End the stress of hunting for a sitter--use our SmartPing feature (coming soon) to auto schedule and auto-confirm a sitter-friend. No need to twist arms. Friends can always say "no" to the SmartPing (coming soon) sit-notification--especially when they know someone else will take the sit. Submit a scheduled sit to your list of friends that want to earn points. Sitters want to sit for you because sitters want "TimeOut Points" - So will you. 100% money back guarantee. Date and Dine out more often. We wrote the original ''Smart Mom's Babysitting Co-op Book. You can find it on Amazon. The new edition EBook to be released soon. Did we say. Its SUPER easy to get started and use. no worries. no extra work.
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