AuditBricks - Site Auditing

AuditBricks makes site auditing and snagging so simple. Record the issues, take photos, add assignees, select the status, select the completion date the and share reports quickly and easily to anyone in the world. You can manage all your site work like performing a safety inspection, finding the defects, generating a list of required work, provide a quotation, preparing a punch list, preparing a do list and many more. AuditBricks will help you to finding issues, inspections, defects, snags, punch lists, to do list, condition assessments and site works. You can manage all your work into different projects. AuditBricks is simple to use: Record the issues, take photos, add assignees, select the status, select the completion date. Add the annotations on photos for highlighting the important information. Manage issues into projects, add site and client details specific to each project. Add more then one photo to a item. Add the predefined the assignees and item descriptions. These help you to saving your time while adding a item. Generate the PDF reports with various filters and share pdf reports to anyone with help of various options like Email, Dropbox, Evernote etc. Customize reports. Add personal details for reports like client name, company name, company logo, auditor name, auditor signature. Change the title of Items like snags, defects or any one. Change the date format that you needed. You can use the AuditBricks for following type of work. Site auditing and snagging- Audits. Inspections / defects, snags, items. Punchlists / Punch Lists- Snaglists / Snag Lists. Site Works. Checklists / Check Lists- Condition Assessments- Risk Assessments. And so much more, whenever you need to capture and report important data, choose AuditBricks. Provide your feedback at or visit our website at:
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