Secret Messages & Files

Do you want to share messages, photos, videos, audios or any documents to your friends secretly? Here is app which can combine all these files in a secret PDF file. Secret file is a blank pdf file with hidden messages and files in it, which can be seen only through app and correct password. Create new secret file by adding your files1. Click New File Option2. Add Messages, Photos, Audio, Videos etc. 3. Type password for secret file4. Type filename and optional heading5. Click Process button, secret file is ready6. Click Share button to share secret file via whatsapp, gmail, skype etc. 7. You must tell password to other person. To view secret file, you must know password1. Click View File Option2. Click Open button, and select file. 3. You will see file list of secret file4. Click listing to view or extract file5. Please type password when askedNote: Encrypted and Extracted files stored in SecretMessage folder on sd card. Don't forget password. otherwise it is almost impossible to recover files stored in secret file.
Operating System Android