Always reachable with AloaAloa v1. 0 offers three services: Your very own Personal Assistant, 24/7. By activating Aloa, your incoming phonecalls are being forwarded to your assistant: a real lifesecretary. She will answer these phonecalls as your Personal Assistant and make you adetailed summary of what the call was about and make this available in the app. Your Personal Assistant is very flexible: call her anytime to customize how she handles yourcalls. Business Continuity. Using the Aloa app, you get the insurance that the main telephone number of your companywill always be reachable: Your secretary is not showing up? - Your company is not accesible because of fire- or waterdamage, strike or other unforeseencircumstances? In all these cases Our ALOA contact center will take all necessary instructionsto be ready in case of whatever calamity. Only upon activation of this function, you get billedper call at â?¬1 per minute. No hidden upfront costs. Personal Butler: AppYourService. Our Personal Butler will attend to your every whim. Want a restaurant reservation? A planebooked? Whatever you want, you're one call away from your Butler delivering exactly this. All he needs is a 1 euro per minute tip. For only â?¬75 per month the Aloa app is yours to use. More services coming in future releases. Additional info on
Operating System Android