Dream Chaser App

Oh my word you are so close. Come on in and join us. Welcome to Dream Chaser, the app and community that uses the game Truth or Dare for goal setting and achieving dreams. Be it an old dream, a big dream or maybe that really scary dream you're too nervous to tell anyone - now is the time to make that sh@t happen. Join a community of creative, inspired people from all around the world who connect on purpose, with a purpose, and who dare each other to achieve their dreams. Here's how in seven easy steps: Create a profile (Easy.) Create a bespoke dare pic or 10 second video - take your silliest selfie, declare the name of your secret crush, film yourself dancing like your dad or doing your worst rapping. Or if you can't decide how to embarrass yourself, select one of our computer generated memes. (Easy.) Decide on a dream you truly want to achieve (Easy.) Use the slider to choose: How long you want your DreamChaser challenge to lastHow many times a week you will take action on your dreamSee how easy we made that. You're welcome.) Then make a match. Swipe through your potential matches with other DreamChasers until you find a buddy who feels right for you. (Easy.) Post a photo or ten second video every time you take an action for your dream to update your feed just for you and your fellow DreamChaser. (Easy.) At the end of the challenge if you have followed through on your actions you will be posted to the Wall of Fame in the app and seen and loved by all. (Easy.) If you fail to to complete your actions your dare pic or video will be posted to the Wall of Shame where it will also be seen and loved by all. (Easy.) Easy, easy, easy. We are three times more likely to achieve any of or goals if we have an accountability partner and if we have a consequence for not making it. What started off as a messy whatssapp group became the basis for this app. We realised that chasing dreams together, and daring each other with silly playful challenges, made the journey as fun, sometimes more fun, than the destination. We wanted to share our little secret with the world. We hope to meet you in app soon. Dont follow your dreams, chase them.
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