Password & Wallet Manager

Password Manager is the easiest way to access all your passwords & credit card details wherever you are. The app is absolutely safe and doesn't require any permissions such as access to the internet, your contacts or otherwise. \Password Manager never has the key to your encrypted data, so your information remains safe. Your passwords are encrypted with bank-level, AES 256-bit encryption. We want to help millions of people and thousands of businesses protect their most sensitive private info, stopping hackers and cyber criminals in their tracks. Lock your passwords instantly with our elegant, zero-knowledge security app to keep your password, credit card safe and encrypted. From now on the only password you need to remember is the master password for this app and you are able to access all your other passwords. This is by far safer than having your passwords on a piece of paper in your wallet. Main Features: Securely store login information (passwords), credit card information and notes. Generate new and secure passwords with a customizable password generator. Password strength indicator. Also indicates if the password entered is common or easily guessable. Backup encrypted data to a backup file. Share backup file with a variety of applications like Dropbox, Google Drive, Gmail, etc. Import encrypted backup file. Customizable auto-lock feature that locks the app after a certain amount of time. Customize the number of login attempts. Quick copy of passwords, credit card details, and notes. Clear clipboard option. Reset master password. Contains no advertisements. Security Features: The application encrypts all user data with AES-256 bit encryption. The key to encrypt the data is derived from the Master Password using a Password Based Key Derivation Function (PBKDF2 with Hmac SHA1). The key is salted with a randomly generated 256-bit salt using Java's SecureRandom class. The encryption is performed with 1024 iterations to encrypt the data. This makes brute force attacks more difficult. The Master Password is never stored. Instead, it is transformed into a one-way 512-bit salted hash (using PBKDF2 with Hmac SHA1). The result is then hashed 1024 times. The salt helps to protect from offline dictionary attacks and the repetitive hashing makes brute force attacks more difficult. The app auto-locks to prevent a security breach (customizable). Clears the clipboard after exiting the application (customizable). Limits the number of login attempts to prevent a security breach (customizable). No internet access permission used. Only permissions used are to read and write to external storage (to support import and export of backups). However, you shouldn't lose your master password for this app because there is no recovery function (yet). Helphttps://onlyfornoobs. Export: If you get an problem of "No Backup Folder" in Android 5. 0+, then go to Settings >> Apps >> Click Password Manager (this app) >> Click Permissions >> Then Tick/Check Storage Permission.
Operating System Android