Use Active Peak alongside the swipe shortcuts built into your Android powered BlackBerry to emulate the "Peek" experience from BlackBerry 10. Peak your productivity by using gestures you're familiar with to view your active applications. Active Tiles, Peek and Flow are some of the great features that make BlackBerry 10 so productive. Swipe up from the bottom bezel of your device to see all of your active applications and multitask effectively. Active Peak is a simple app that takes you to your active application screen. Place it in any one of the swipe shortcuts BlackBerry has built into their release of Android, and you'll be able to swipe to your active application screen, much like you can on BlackBerry 10. Active Peak will not clutter your active application screen - once you're there, its job is done. Quick and lightweight, Active Peak is the best application for emulating one of BlackBerry 10's great features on your Android powered BlackBerry. Setup is easy; simply download and install Active Peak from the Google Play store, and set it as one of your swipe shortcuts. To access your swipe shortcuts, go to "Settings" and then "Swipe Shortcuts". If you don't have swipe shortcuts, Active Peak is still a great way to access your active application screen - especially if you prefer to hide your navigation bar. Add it to your quick settings shade, or to an onscreen overlay for quick access to all of your running applications.
Operating System Android