My Islam: Pray On Time

Pray On Time: Its about time to keep track of your daily Islamic prayers. This is an App with a strong character. it will keep annoying you until you go and pray. are you up for the challenge? Pray on Time is the first Interactive Islamic daily prayers tracker application that actually Monitors your daily prayer routine and acts as an incentive to help you improve your prayer times. How? Each prayer time the application will send a notification with an "I prayed button" to register your prayer. the app will then converts the time you registered your prayer into a score out of ten. The sooner you pray the higher grade you get for that particular prayer. At the end of the day you get a daily average for your five prayers as well. This way, you get to visually monitor your prayers performance and work on Improving your score. And you will never have to wonder anymore if you have performed your prayer or not yet. Pray On Time falls under Islamic productivity section, aiming to improve your daily prayers routine. This is the first app of its kind under this section, and its totally free. We aim you do benefit from the idea of Project Pray on Time and you try inviting your friends and family as well so we can both share the AJR. Also there is a trends section: where you can view the history of your prayer scores. You can view your time daily, weekly, monthly, or even on a yearly basis, with that you can share your data with friends, making it as an incentive for them to improve their praying habits as well. The second main feature of the app is the "Missed Prayers" section. When you fail to register your prayer, the app registers the prayer under "Missed Prayers" section, now you can never forget how many missed prayers you have. and when you perform your Qada then you can simply remove it from the missed prayer section list. Note: when you have missed your prayer the app will give you a score of zero for this particular prayer. Other features of the application: Accurate prayer times: The app will automatically detect your location and set the accurate prayer times according to the default calculation methods in your country. you can always go to the settings menu and set your preferred calculation method-Qibla direction: The app will help you find the Qibla direction in any location in the world-Masjid Locator: Pray on Time can search for near by Masjids and give your directions via google mapsyou can check your current prayer in a Masjid and get 20% better score for that prayer. This feature is aimed to encourage users perform their prayers more in Masjids-Rewards section: where you get a badge each time you achieve a certain milestonefor example: praying 5 prayers in a Masjid or praying with a score of nine and above etc. The application also has a widget with a beautiful design and a countdown timer for the next prayerThe app also comes with a set of beautiful athan sounds. Lets face it, sadly Muslims around the world have been facing hard times to keep with their daily obligatory prayers. Pray On Time, offers the chance for the Muslim to improve his daily praying routine. So here, presented between your hands, an actual chance for you to "judge" yourself, before being ultimately JUDGED by Allah almighty. So are you up for the challenge? Note: Pray on Time is totally free for all its features, yet its based on admob banner revenue or on Donation to help Improve the application. If you decide to donate, the application will be ad free. Dont forget to share the application with your friends as well. prayer trackersalat trackersalaat trackerathan timessalat timesBeirut Prayer timesMelbourne prayer timesBahrain prayer timePrayer time dhakaOttawa prayer timesCairo Prayer timesSalah times LondonPrayer times Ammanprayer time RiyadhKuwait prayer timesprayer times Beirutprayer timings LahoreQatar prayer timeprayer times Dubaiprayer times NYC.
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