Zebra Barcode Scanner Driver

Scan barcodes on Android in native mode. The EPX-Barcode (EPX-B) SNAPI Scanner Driver provides two-way communication with Zebra / Motorola / Symbol USB barcode readers and the CR0078-P cradle. By default these readers (scanners) are in HID (keyboard) mode. For two-way communication, the scanner must be switched to native SNAPI mode by scanning a special barcode from the user manual. Once in native mode, the scanner can be used in applications designed for the EPX Barcode SDK, like Barcode List Manager (Barliman). Search in Google Play for "EPX Barcode" for the latest list of supported applications. This SNAPI Scanner Driver requires the EPX Barcode Scanner Core (free) to be installed (http://play. google.com/store/apps/details? id=com. sdgsystems. epx. scanning. core). Below is a partial list of supported scanners. Any USB scanner that claims support for SNAPI should work. See your scanner's user manual, or purchase a compatible scanner and cable (i. e. , micro USB host adapter) from SDG Systems. Symbol / Zebra DS3508, DS6707, DS9808, DS4208, DS4801, DS9208, LI2208. Symbol / Zebra LI4278 and DS6878 with CR0078-P Cradle (Bluetooth SNAPI scanners). Unitech MS842. OthersSNAPI image capture mode is also supported in image-capable scanners.
Operating System Android