Blare: Find phone with voice

Losing your phone or tablet is always a hassle -- until now. Introducing Blare, the Voice Recognition app that lets you find your lost phone in no time. Lost your phone in the living room, sandwiched deep within the abyss of the couch cushions again? Simply say your keyword, and your lost device will start to blare, helping you find your phone in seconds. HOW IT WORKS: Blare is constantly listening for your voice recognition keyword. Once you say your personal keyword (even if the device is locked), your device will blare. The phone plays a loud alarm sound, vibrates loudly, and flashes a bright light. Never waste time digging around for your phone again -- just ask Blare to do the job for you. Blare is useful in a plethora of scenarios: Finding your lost phone or device. Getting attention in an emergency without having to reach for your phone. As an SOS signal -- that loud siren and flashing bright light is bound to get help in no time. Etc. The best part? Even though Blare is constantly running in the background, it is memory efficient and doesn't take up a significant amount of battery, so you can focus on taking that next selfie or catching 'em all instead of worrying about your device's performance. Blare's premium version is currently 80% OFF as a LIMITED TIME GRAND OPENING OFFER at JUST 0. 99 cents, which unlocks PREMIUM features and removes ANNOYING ads. This is a TEMPORARY offer, so nab it while you can.
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