Memorigi: Task To-Do Reminder

Memorigi is a simple, different, and beautiful Task, To-Do, and Reminder application packed with a lot of cool features to help you be and stay organized. A POWERFUL TASK LIST MANAGERCreate tasks with a few taps instead of your keyboard. Change task date, time, priority, color, icon, and lists using intuitive gestures. Sort your tasks by date, lists (category), and priority using drag and drop intuitive gestures. A SIMPLE TO-DO LIST AND DAILY PLANNERCreate todo lists to organize and plan your life. Do you want a simple grocery or shopping list? What about tracking the so many things you have to remember at school or at the university? With Memorigi you can create powerful to do lists, color code them and even assign an icon to them. Then when you're finished with an item, use simple and intuitive gestures like swiping right to mark it completed or swiping left to delete it. AN INTELLIGENT REMINDER APPDate Reminders. Never forget important stuff again. Do you have tons of things to remember? What about that important job meeting or taking the trash out on Mondays and Thursdays at 6: 00PM? or what about your boyfriend's or girlfriend's birthday? With Memorigi you can create date reminders with powerful recurring patterns and you'll never have to worry again about forgetting that important date. Location-Aware Reminders. Do you need to remember something when entering or leaving a specific place? Do you forget your wallet at home when leaving out for a dinner? What about turning the lights off when leaving home? With Memorigi you can create powerful location-aware reminders for a particular place and they'll be triggered when you enter or leave that place. MORE AWESOME FEATURESINTUITIVE GESTURESDeeply integrated within Memorigi's core, its intuitive gestures will let you be more productive each day. LISTS, COLORS, AND ICONSLists to group your stuff, colors for categories, and icons for your actions. FLOATING ACTIONSCreate tasks within seconds with a single tap when you miss a call or when copying text from any Android app on your device. POWERFUL RECURRING PATTERNSCreate tasks that occurs at regular intervals like every 15 minutes, on weekdays, or on the 3rd Tuesday each month. INTEGRATED WEATHERPlan your week better and smarter with our integrated weather daily reports. LIST, PRIORITY, AND CALENDAR VIEWSDifferent organizing views with sorting to fit your requirements. AND MUCH MORE. Download the app and discover many more cool features to help you stay organized and never forget important stuff again.
Operating System Android