Basic Inch Calculator

No ads;- All basic operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, are performed in inch and standard fractional inch, with the result also in inch and standard fractional inch, making it easy to relate back to the scale for any practical means;- Irrational value results are always translated to a fractional inch by rounding to the closest standard fraction while providing the accuracy;- "Aprox" function allows for finding better suitable values by rounding to the next best practical standard fraction (saves all approximations) ;- Input and output are intuitive;- Standard fractional values are entered as a one-key tap (click) ;- All basic operations are repetitive, and they are done in the input order;- Memory function allows for more complex operations;- Find decimal equivalent for any entered or computed fractional value;- Transform results to mils (thous) ;- Get the exact or approximated standard fractional value for any decimal value (by using the "frac" function) ;- Get the corresponding metric (mm) value and more;Examples: Button sequence [1] ['] [5] ["] [3] [/4] displays 1'5-3/4 (one foot 5 and three quarter inches) Button sequence [1] [2] [frac] [3] [6] displays 12. 36A companion to any measuring device reading Imperial or American Standard units.
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