Presentation Slide Timer

Presentation Slide Timer (PST) App has been developed to assist a presenter in managing time during the presentation. Presentation Time Management apps available in the market today provide countdown timer for the entire presentation. PST App allows to allocate the time you need for each slide. After the presentation starts, the app shows two countdown timers - Slide Timer and the Presentation Timer. The latter is the countdown timer for the time allocated for the entire presentation. If you finish the first slide before the allotted time, the additional time from the first slide will be added to the next slide. If you finish it after the allocated time, the extra time that you took in the first slide will be deducted from the next slide. This feature will help you manage time on the fly during your presentation and make sure you don't spend too much time on slides that are not important and miss the important content to be conveyed. PST App will indicate the nearing of the completion of the time for the slide with the change to yellow color. After the allocated time for that slide is finished, the timer color will change to Red and blink in its default mode.
Operating System Android