Eir is the most helpful digital assistant. Now also in the English language. Eir is the Android variation of Siri, Cortana, Jarvis and focusses on more than just 'talking'. Do you need a affordable Amazon Echo/Google Home alternative, want to control your flashlight just by speech, do you require a die for your bordgames? Eir can help you with that and with some much more. This A. I. is developed to be used as the "main control" of your Android device, meaning that you can use her for many actions on your phone/tablet. TRY HER OUT FREE NOW. Support the dev by getting the Eir_Key here: https://play. google.com/store/apps/details? id=com. fumetsujostudio. Eir_UnlockBesides a formidable digital assistant, you can have a chat with her, save memories (text), convert/deconvert secret messages, "learn" her to respond on your input. Actually, Eir is as smart as you teaches her. Eir knows two states: Talking or completing instructions. When you start a sentence with android or Eir (or m) you can give her assignments. On this moment the following actions are possible (FREE) : Flashlight on/off. Repeating phrases. Google maps (opening). Calling (opening + number). Mailing gmail/outlook (opening). Opening Youtube/Twitter/Facebook/Tinder. Surfing in Eir's own browser (speech exclusive). Linking to predefined sources (start a sentence with m + calc/paint/. ). Mathematical calculations like substract, divide, multiply, hex, oct, binary, bmi. Roll a die. Play Gallows or higher-lower. Alarm and timer (doesn't work with all devices). Asking time and day. Asking jokes or facts. coding and decoding secret messages (you decide the decode key). Play with your own virtual pet. After installation Eir_Key: Locking Eir with a password. Remote control (just like Amazon Echo or Google Home) - visit: https://fumetsujo. pythonanywhere.com. learning her what to answer. Sms/Text (opening + number). Morse code from and to (sending morse with your phone flashlight/vibrations, if your device is capable). choose between three distinct layouts. Ego mode (startup and topmost). saving tekst (memory). Make her silent (say: sh). A feelgood chat (you can make her smarter with your input). Verbal (speech) & non-verbal (flashlight on speechrate) communication. Repeat your last action indefinitely (interesting for morse example). Endless handsfree speech (remote - by code or local - by clicking the bla-button). Parlophone. Check your location. Convert coordinates to an address (or the other way around) Important to know: When you're connnected with the internet, Eir uses the free to use Acapela demo voice: Australian English Lisa. Offline Eir uses the installed Tts. If you want to hear the same voice, go to the following url: https://play. google.com/store/apps/details? id=com. acapelagroup. android. tts&hl=nlNote: Want to use Eir on another OS? : Install Bluestacks or Memu (recommended. ) on Windows. You can also install Eir on Remix OS 3. 0 (Android x86). Aforementioned sources work flawlessly with Eir. Note 2: Eir's capabilities grow every update. DO contact me for suggestions. Note 3: Most Android devices starting from Android 4. 03 are compatible with Eir. A screensize of atleast 4. 7 inch is optimal (horizontal view). Note 4: Originally called CJO, but baptised as the wise Norse Goddess of Wisdom. The more technical meaning of EIR is Empathic Intelligent Robot. Note 5: Remote Control is accessable from: https://fumetsujo. pythonanywhere.comTyp on your Android device: Remote (spatial) code_from_webpage to control your Eir across the globe. The fun part: no extra costs (except your own internet connection).
Operating System Android