Flashlight for LG phones

Flashlight with Compass and battery information FREE. Brightest Flashlight for your LG G3, LG G2 and many more. Integrated battery bar to show you how much battery is left, what is the temperature of your batteryFlashlight with your Phone's LED, now with Compass to help you find your way. Turn your phone into brightest flash light instantly using built in Camera LED. You can also enjoy the Flashlight app for camping lantern: ) Now you can have LED light with you all the time. Don't leave home with out it. Compass to navigate during complete darkness. Features Brightest Flashlight Integrated Battery BarBattery TemperatureCompassEasy to useTurns light on start. Save Battery. Turns led off on "Back", "Home" or "Power" button to save battery. Compass Accuracy: The accuracy of the compass is mainly dependent on your mobile device sensor efficiency and inteference. It is recommended to calibrate your device sensor by moving it in the figure of 8 for best accuracy of your compass. No GPS tracking.
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