Brightest Flashlight-Multi LED

Brightest Flashlight is a highly-recommended flashlight app with multiple features. Well-designed lighthouse and The unique feature of flashing LED reminder for calls and messages is cool and practical, making you special in any random crowd. It's more than just a flashlight app. It is the combination of safety, stability and accessibility, which is very battery-friendly, with huge amount of LED flashlight modes & skins for customization. Brightest Flashlight - the brightest flashlight in the market, is now compatible with more than 9000 android devices. FeatureMultiple LED lightSwipe to change the strobe light Flashing LED for callsCustomized LED reminder for incoming calls Flashing LED for notificationCustomized LED flashing reminder for app messages LED SOSLED SOS for emergency LED SOS can be quickly started by simply setting Rapid and convenient gestureSwipe to show the panel on lock screenFor more interesting LED features, please stay tuned for the future version of More Flashlight App. ContactFeel free to contact us if you have any problems or suggestions.
Operating System Android