Bible Memory: BibleMe

BibleMe is an app designed from the top down to take advantage of the best features available on the market for Bible memorization while sticking with modern design aesthetics. Any Christian hungry to memorize the Word should seriously consider using BibleMe on a daily basis. While other applications on the market provide a similar experience, it feels like many of them are either clunky or could just be done better. BibleMe hopes to remedy that problem by offering an intuitive, but still powerful, interface that functions as beautifully as it is designed. BibleMe makes use of the learn and test method. The learn method displays the verse with the entire verse visible. By typing each verse with a clear guide, you will quickly get familiar with verses and nearly memorize them. This should be repeated as much as necessary until you feel confident you can recall the majority of the verse without the guide. The test method removes the guide from the display. That way, you can sufficiently test yourself to make sure you can recall the passage without help. Features: Quick and efficient memorizing system. Verse organization and due dates. Add translations and verses from the web. Real-time notifications to review verses. Reminders to add new verses. Casual quick quizzing. Faster typing with the area keyboardRather than reading about it in this description, download it and give it a shot. Our step by step tutorial will get you familiar with the app, and you will start memorizing in no time at all. You'll be surprised by how great it works. The best part of BibleMe is that it's a work in progress. Expect to see constant updates and improvements. Suggest ideas and features you wish were added, and we'll do our best to get them added for greater functionality and flexibility. Permissions: ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE, INTERNETUsed to access the internet for the verse of day and importing- VIBRATEUsed to vibrate your phone for notifications and errors- RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETEDUsed to refresh your notifications if your phone turns off- BILLINGBibleMe is free until 30 verses. After, a small payment is required to add more. If you are unable to afford the cost, PLEASE contact us. We'll be more than happy to unlock your application for free.
Operating System Android