Woods Humane Society

The Woods app makes it easy for volunteers at Woods Humane Society to manage the dogs in the shelter, see the dogs that need more attention, and easily log different forms of care. The categories of care include walks, play yard, enrichments, baths, offsite, and training. We love our dogs and we want to maximize the amount of love they receive. Features (mostly) real-time updating of the dogs in the shelter from Pet Finder and automatic clearing of each care entry every day. Volunteers can leave comments to share with staff and other volunteers about the dog they worked with. Dogs can be given special tokens, including see staff, no play yard, no baths, need bath, and extra love. Female dogs will be maroon while male dogs will be blue. Who does this help? 1. The staff, because they no longer have to maintain a whiteboard since everything is synced automatically from Pet Finder to the app. 2. The volunteers, because they can spend more time working with the dogs and less time figuring out which dogs need what care. 3. The dogs, because they will get more attention and love, which is our goal. Your account must be verified by Woods Humane Society in order to login. Created by Ginger DeWitte, Di Hoang, Deborah Newberry, Sravani Mudduluru, and Myron Zhao. Credit to Vanessa Forney for the original iOS app.
Operating System Android