Maintenance Activity Tracker

Maintenance Activity Tracker or MAcTrack for short is a fully cloud based solution for tracking regular recurring personal and home maintenance activities. We all have numerous maintenance tasks that we need to track on a regular basis. Things like replacing the filter on the home air conditioner every month or going for a medical check-up with the doctor once a year or replacing the car engine oil every 6 months. These regular maintenance activities recur on some approximate frequency, so calendar reminders are just a useless nag. Notifications are just too easy to dismiss when you can acceptably delay "a few more weeks". MAcTrack is designed to be extremely simple to add and edit maintenance schedules that recur on some frequency of days. A new activity is due on the defined start date and when you track the activity as performed, the new due date is automatically set based on the date performed and frequency. The activity history shows a full list of all the dates on which the activity was performed and shows the average number of days between dates performed. Tap on a date performed if you need to edit or delete that history. Simple and easy. Cloud based with some offline editing. Home / car / medical / personal (life). Maintenance schedule and checklist. Track your maintenance goals. No nagging notifications. Phone and tablet multi-device. No ads and currently free. Early adopters get to keep it for free. Bonus free web access soon (see website).
Operating System Android