vMeet: Plan, Invite & Schedule

vMeet is a unique app which can be your Personal calendar, Schedule planner, Task manager, To-do list & Event Planner - at the same time for both personal and professional events. It's a versatile app that takes care of all your plans including appointments, meet-ups, business meetings, parties, meet up's and family dinners smoothly. vMeet makes your life stress free & happening by letting you invite & manage all your plans at one place - within few taps. KEY FEATURES- vMeet saves you from the frustration of managing event invites & follow-ups via tiring emails, Calls or RSVPs. It enables you to send & receive invites, Instant notifications & immediate responses right within the app - using phone contact number. With real time notifications and faster responses you can plan less and meet more. Forget forgetting using vMeets inbuilt capability to setup multiple custom reminders. Re-gain complete control over your schedule with easy invites, quick scheduling & real time notifications. Plan the recurring event only once & escape all the manual efforts of re-organizing it each time. Complete flexibility to alter & update schedule in case you change your mind- Your life your rules - vMeet gives to the ability to define your privacy settings that allows you not to disclose your phone number and profile picture. Discard unwanted invitations using the block and spam functionalityUSER TESTIMONIES"With vMeet, I am able to schedule & plan events, get-together parties, team meetings more effectively without wasting time & avoiding continuous follow ups. I recommend this app to everyone" - vMeet userThis app is really helping me a lot in organizing my schedule in my control. Another good thing is that even if your contacts are not on this app. vMeet is sending free SMS to recipients so that our invitation is not missed. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Way to Go. vMeet userWE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU. We love to stay connected with our users. If you have any feedback, questions or concerns please share it with us on feedback@vmeetapp.com or Visit us @ http://vmeetapp.com/Don't forget to rate and comment the app if you like it.
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