Dark Gold Best Business Theme

Dark Gold Best Business ThemeUse this beautiful Dark Gold Business theme to make your Android phone unique. These theme are only supported by Hola Launcher, the best launcher in the smallest size with the most beautiful design. Hola Launcher: https://play. google.com/store/apps/details? id=com. hola. launcherThis Dark Gold theme contained dozens of beautiful icons with unified style for popular apps, and stunning wallpaper. Features of Dark Gold theme include: > Dozens of app icons and counting; > Stunning wallpaper of dawn theme; > This theme is fit for various screen resolution;. How to apply the Theme: Don't hesitate to install this beautiful Dark Gold Business theme. 1. Download and install this theme 2. Make sure Hola Launcher is enabled3. Go to Personalize, Theme, then choose the theme and apply. If you would like to have more themes, simply visit the Theme Store viahttp://h5. holalauncher.com/theme/list. html? e=gpYour comments will motivate us to create a better app for you. Get in touch with us via holalauncher@gmail.com.
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