All-in-one Calculator Free

All-in-one Calculator is a free calculator app for android featuring over 70+ calculators and unit converters categorized under finance, health, women, construction, lifestyle and everyday math.Simple yet powerful, the following features are built into this all-in-one calculator:-STANDARD CALCULATOR- Includes percent key, negative sign, brackets and history viewer.- Advanced mode includes memory keys and functions for trigonometry, roots, exponents and logarithm found in scientific calculators.UNIT CONVERTER- Supports temperature, length, weight, area, volume and many more measurement units.- Currency converter.FINANCIAL CALCULATOR- Interest calculators using simple and compound interest- Loan repayment and amortization schedule.- Savings calculator with financial goal plannerFRACTIONS/ PERCENTAGE CALCULATOR- Calculators for 3-way percentage, percentage change, percentage difference, discount pricing, profit margin, tax, tip & split bill.- Add, subtract, multiply, divide fractionsHEALTH- BMI, BMR, body fat percentage and calorie calculators to help you keep track of your body weight.WOMEN- Pregnancy calculators for baby due date, conception date & current week (gestational age).- Ovulation calculator- Menstrual cycle calculator that can serve as period tracker.- Chinese baby gender predictorCONSTRUCTION CALCULATOR- Calculators to estimate cement, sand, gravel quantities for concrete blocks, wall plastering & brick works.- Area and volume calculator for common geometric shapes.- Irregular land area calculator- Solve height and distance problems using right-triangle calculator.LIFESTYLE- Age and date calculator- Fuel economy, trip fuel cost, energy consumption and many more.This is a free, ad-supported app. If you don't like the ads, consider upgrading to the paid version.
License Free
Version 4.2.3
Operating System Android