Clockwork Tomato

Clockwork Tomato is a time management application, based on the Pomodoro technique, a method that boosts productivity by breaking down work periods into 25-minute slices, separated by short breaks. This application is a timer, a clock, and an activity log all at once (. ) with a relaxing display and a beautiful widget. Fully configurable: timers, behaviour, colors, sounds, style, and more than 50 options. Highly expandable through the Tasker calls (https://play. id=net. dinglisch. android. taskerm). ) And more, with the in-app expansion pack, featuring: Profiles, to switch between up to 5 preference sets. Task lists, editable from any text editor through Dropbox, based on the todo. txt file format ( Detailed and colorful activity logs with enhanced recaps.
Operating System Android